Monday, June 11, 2012

#EgyTeachers اليوم الثانى فى اعتصام المعلمين 10 -6-2012

 #EgyTeachers اليوم الثانى فى اعتصام المعلمين 10 -6-2012
# EgyTeachers the second day in  teachers-sit 10 -6-2012

 EgyTeachers # de la deuxième journée des enseignants-sit 10 -6-2012

#EgyTeachers has started a strike and sit-in on th ninth of june 2012 in front of the  Egyption  Peoples’ Assembly  against the neglection of their demands ; joining  the political activists  Hunger strike for the application of the  Political Isolation Law and the other activists sit – in . #Occupy , This was a great strike for the Egyption #Revolutionists to unite for their demands. #Egyption teachers has tried many times to hold strikes for their demands without no Response. Therefore , We ask for #solidarity , Support , #Egyption Teachers in their strike. @teachsolidarity #freedom @alkoga 

#EGYTEACHERS اعتصام المعلمين السبت 9/6/2012


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